Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play in the CCYL

  • For T-Ball and baseball, players must be current residents of Charles County, Maryland. The following zip codes are accepted in the league: (20601, 20602, 20603, 20604, 20607, 20611, 20612, 20613, 20616, 20617, 20622, 20625, 20626, 20632, 20637, 20640, 20643, 20645, 20646, 20658, 20659, 20661, 20662, 20664, 20672, 20673, 20774, 20675, 20677, 20681, 20682, 20691, 20792, 20693, 20695)
  • For softball, players must be current residents of Charles County or St. Mary’s County, Maryland from north of Hollywood, Maryland to the Charles County line or the zip codes of 20601, 20607, or 20613 of Prince George’s County, Maryland.  It is also possible to reside in King George, VA if a waiver is obtained. 

What ages are eligible to participate in CCYL programs? 

  • All players participating in T-ball and baseball must be league age of 4 to 18 (and some 19). League age for T-ball and baseball is the player’s age on April 30th of the baseball season year (e.g. for the Spring 2018 baseball season league age is determined by April 30, 2018).  However some 19 year olds are allowed to play as long as their birth dates are after January 1 of the baseball season year.  
  • All players participating in t-ball softball and softball must be league age of 4 to 18. League age for softball is the player’s age on December 31st of the previous softball year (December previous to the softball season being played. E.g. for the Spring 2018 softball season league age is determined by December 31, 2017).
  • Bambino Buddy Ball/Special Olympics Softball Players may be age 5 - 105.  

Is CCYL affiliated with Little League? 

  • No, CCYL is NOT affiliated in any way with Little League.  CCYL is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Softball, and Babe Ruth Baseball.  

What is the difference between Cal Ripken League and Babe Ruth League? 

  • The Cal Ripken League is designed for baseball players age 4 to 12. The Babe Ruth League is for softball players age 4 to 18 and baseball players age 13 to 18 (and some 19). 

How much does it cost to register? 

  • Registration fees vary by division, are non-refundable, and are as follows:  
    • ​T-Ball, $90
    • Rookie Baseball, and 8U Softball $95 
    • 10U, 12U,  Baseball and Softball $120
    • 13-14 Baseball and 14-16 Softball $135  
    • 15-16 and 17-18 Babe Ruth Baseball and 18U Babe Ruth Softball $135
    • Bambino Buddy Ball/Special Olympics Softball is FREE.  It is one way CCYL has chosen to give something back to the community.  
  • Registration fees are designed to help cover the cost of operations for CCYL. Your registration fee includes: a team uniform consisting of a hat, jersey, pants (shorts for softball), socks, belt, plus five CCYL Merchant Value Cards. (Family max is ten value cards.)  T-Ball receives only a hat and jersey plus the five CCYL Merchant Value Cards. The maximum registration paid per family with multiple CCYL players is $300. 
  • Value cards will be distributed by the team manager and can be utilized with selected area merchants who provide a discount on purchases at their establishments.  The pre-paid value cards may be sold by the registrant as a direct offset of registration fees. All proceeds from value card sales are property of the seller with no further obligation to the league. The value card program has been designed as a win-win for the merchants and the registrants. The participating families are provided a means to reduce the overall cost of league participation and will not be asked to support additional fundraising efforts. The participating merchants have a great way to advertise and provide discounts to their target market. 

What exactly are the Value Cards? 

  • CCYL has only one mandatory fundraiser...the famous Value Cards!  They look like credit cards but have discounts listed on them for 15 stores throughout Charles County.
  • You will not have to sell pizzas, cookie dough, magazines, etc. & in fact you don't even have to sell Value Cards either if you don't want to.  However, if you choose to you can decrease the price of your registration by $50 or more simply by selling the Value Cards. Here's how it works:
    • ​The price of your registration includes 5 Value Cards which you will get from your managers at your first practice. 
    • You can sell those Value Cards for $10 each & you get to keep that money.  Therefore, if you sell them all then your registration cost is actually $50 cheaper.  For example, if it cost $125 to register your child & you sell the 5 Value Cards then your registration cost really was only $75.  Considering you get to keep your uniform, participate in Blue Crabs events, attend clinics, etc. CCYL is one of the best youth league deals in all of Charles County.
    • But wait...there's can buy more Value Cards from CCYL for $5 each & then sell them for $10 each to further offset your costs.  In fact, with a little extra effort you can end up playing for free or even make enough money to pay for your cleats, gloves, bats, & other equipment.
    • But here's the beauty of much effort you put in is totally up to you.  If you don't want to be bothered selling them at all then you don't have to.  Many of our members simply give them away to friends & family & accept that their registration cost is a tad higher.  The choice is yours...Win-Win!

When and where are registrations? 

  • The easiest and preferred method of registration is online at the league website You will find registration links for each division. Payments can be made online. PLEASE NOTE: Your child is not officially registered until all registration fees and supporting documents are confirmed as received. 
  • In-person registrations take place between late January and early March at various locations and times. Please check the Master Schedule on the CCYL website for exact dates, locations and times. 

What is required at registration? 

  • For players new to CCYL
  1. ​A completed registration form (online) 
  2. A completed Consent for Treatment form (online) 
  3. Proof of residency (if registering online must be mailed in) 
  4. A copy of the player’s birth certificate (if registering online must be mailed in) 
  5. Payment of registration fees 
  • For players returning to CCYL
  1. ​A completed registration form, (online) 
  2. A completed Consent for Treatment form (online) 
  3. Payment of registration fees  

Registration Fees are NOT refundable, why? 

  • The registration process is a critical step in determining the number of teams, number of coaches, cost of insurance, uniform ordering, field usage, schedule making, etc. For this reason, players should not register until they are certain that they will participate. As an all volunteer organization, it is not feasible (economically or otherwise) to issue refunds. Please recognize that player withdrawal is very disruptive and should be avoided when at all possible. 

How do I volunteer to manage, coach or help? 

  • Managers and coaches now have an online registration process. Managers and coaches will have to go through a background check and complete other required coaching courses as requested. Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth requires all coaches to be certified online. Please visit

How do I become a league corporate sponsor? 

  • To become a sponsor please click on the “Be a Sponsor” tab on our home page top menu or contact the sponsorship coordinator (contact info can be found under the “Board of Directors” tab on our home page). 
  • There are various levels of corporate sponsorship available for CCYL. There is also a sponsor opportunity on the CCYL website. The sponsorships are available at the following levels: 
    • Corporate Silver: This sponsorship investment is $400 per year. This provides the sponsor with their corporate name on our league website, on our league “Sponsor Appreciation Board” at CCYL’s home field (Laurel Springs Park), and printed on the uniforms of a team of our youngsters. 
    • Corporate Gold: This sponsorship investment is $1,000 per year. This provides the sponsor with all the items of a Silver Sponsor and in addition their corporate name will be placed in rotation as a banner ad on our league website. Also, you will become team sponsor for multiple teams. 

How are teams formed? 

  • The T-Ball division is split into two divisions: Beginner’s T-Ball (BT-Ball) and Experienced T-Ball (XT-Ball). Beginner’s T-Ball if for 5 year olds or beginning players who have never played T-Ball before. Experienced T-Ball is for 6-7 year olds who have played at least 1 year. Experienced T-Ball will play basically by Rookie (machine pitch) rules but will hit off a tee. You don’t have to do anything other than register for T-Ball. We will place your child in the appropriate T-Ball division. T-Ball teams are formed based on geography of residency in order to reduce travel time. 
  • Rookie and 10U Softball division teams are randomly formed based on experience and age of players. 
  • All other division teams are formed based on the draft process. Players are evaluated by the managers and coaches in their age division and are drafted to their team using a defined CCYL policy. 

Can I request a team, coach, or manager for my child? 

  • CCYL has made every effort to ensure that teams are very comparable in talent level. The goal is to arrange teams that are competitive and chosen through a set, defined process. The number of members of CCYL and the policies do not make it possible to place players by request. The T-Ball, Rookie Baseball, Rookie Softball are the only exceptions to the placement policy since they are non-draftable.  But there is still no guarantee requests will be granted.  However, CCYL will do its best to accommodate. 

What equipment am I required to provide for my child? 

  • CCYL will provide the uniforms, bats, balls, and helmets for the players. Each player should provide his or her own fielding glove. Baseball shoes or cleats are optional and should be provided by the player. It is strongly recommended that players wear all necessary personal protective equipment such as an athletic supporter, cup, and fielder's mask.  Helmets with face masks are required in all levels of softball. Helmets with masks are recommended for baseball & required for all on-deck batters ages 12 & Under. 

Who is required to attend evaluations? 

  •  Players in T-Ball, Rookie Baseball are NOT required to attend an evaluation session. 
  •  All players that are new to an age division are required to attend one evaluation session for that age division 
  • A player new to CCYL must attend one evaluation session for the age division that the player is registered in. 
  • Players returning to the same age division that are granted a release from their current team are required to attend one evaluation session for that age division. 
  •  Players returning to the SAME age division return to the same team and are NOT required to attend evaluations. 

When and where are player evaluations? 

  • Evaluations for the 10 and 12U age divisions for both Baseball and Softball are held at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) in La Plata on one weekend in mid February.  Evaluations for the players ages 13 and over are held at Laurel Springs Park one weekend in mid-March. Please refer to the Master Schedule on the CCYL website for specific dates, locations, and times. 
  • NOTE: Player must only attend  ONE  of the sessions for the age division that the player is being evaluated to play in. 

What is a player required to bring to evaluations? 

  • If the player will be joining the 10 or 12U Baseball and Softball divisions, their evaluations will be held at CSM. Since the evaluations are held inside, the player is required to wear sneakers and not cleats.  The player should be dressed in comfortable, athletic clothing and is required to bring a fielder’s glove. Players may bring their own helmet and bat to the evaluation.   If the player will be joining the 13 and older Baseball and Softball age divisions, their evaluations will be held at Laurel Springs Park.  The player should dress in comfortable athletic attire and wear cleats. The player is required to bring a fielder's glove.  They may bring their own helmet and bat to the evaluation.  

What should a player expect at evaluations? 

  • The evaluations are broken into age divisions. Each age division will have a separate time block for evaluations. The players will be taken to the evaluation area in groups not exceeding 10 players and will be given a brief warm-up jog, stretch and limited throwing to loosen up. The players will be asked their name before each segment of the evaluation. The players will be asked to sprint the distance of a base path and back, field a minimum of three ground balls and make throws to a person playing 1st Base, they will also be given five swings at pitches from either a pitching machine inside a batting cage or a live pitcher on the field. Players that wish to be evaluated at pitching or catching will remain until the end of their age group’s evaluation period and will have to re-enter the gym to be evaluated at those skills. 

I registered in January or February and haven’t heard back from anybody yet. When should I expect a call? 

  • If you are new to CCYL or moving up to a new division, it will be necessary to attend an evaluation session. Once evaluations are complete, there is a draft process for players that were evaluated. Once teams are formed, the rosters will be finalized. 
  • Players in Cal Ripken Baseball (T-Ball, Rookie, 10U, and 12U), Babe Ruth Softball (10U and 12U) should expect a call from a team manager by March 15th
  • Players in 16U Babe Ruth Softball and Babe Ruth Baseball (13 and over) should expect a call from a team manager by April 1st

How long does the season last? 

  • Every season is different, depending on the season start date.  Normally for the 12 and under players, the regular season usually starts with practices in early March, Opening Day depends on the Easter break (usually the first or second Saturday in April), and the season runs through to the middle of June (usually coinciding with the end of the public school year).  Additional game dates may be added if needed due to rain outs, etc. Typically an 8 week season. 
  • For 13 and over players, the regular season start date coincides with the High School Baseball and Softball regular season end date.  Practices usually start in early April, Opening Day in early May, and end in late June/early July with additional games added if needed due to rain outs, etc.  Typically a 7 week season. 
  • All-Star state tournament teams start tournament play in the beginning of July and could go until the end of August based on their success and tournament schedules. 

When are games played? 

  • It is not possible to provide a game or practice schedule in advance of the season. Each team’s manager will determine practice frequency. In most cases, teams will play one game on a weekday evening and one game each Saturday. Some divisions play two weekdays games and save Saturdays for rain make ups.  The 12U divisions and above for both Baseball and Softball do NOT play on Saturdays.

Where are games played? 

  • The location of games is determined by the field allocation that CCYL is provided by Charles County Public Facilities. The home field for CCYL is Laurel Springs Regional Park and most games are played there and Bensville Park Southern Park, Berry Elementary School, Piccowaxen Middle School, Mitchell Elementary School, Matula Elementary School, Ruth B. Swann Park, White Plains Park, Rainbow Construction Field, La Plata High School, and Milton Somers Middle School. Generally, T-Ball games are played at elementary school fields or the Gwynn Center. 

What are All-Star State Tournament Teams? 

  • Most age divisions of Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Softball, and Babe Ruth Baseball offer tournaments to determine the Maryland State Champion in each age division. The State Champions can move on to the Regional Championship and maybe even to the National Championship. These tournaments are hosted at various locations for the various divisions. In the past, CCYL has fielded All-Star Tournament teams from Rookie up through the Babe Ruth leagues. 

When and where are the Maryland State Tournaments? 

  • The dates and locations of the Maryland State Tournaments vary year to year and by age division but are generally played in July. Please check the Master schedule on the CCYL website to see when CCYL is hosting State All Star Tournaments or click on "Tournaments" on the top menu bar to see specific dates, locations, and times for all the State, Regional, & World series Tournament info. 

How are players selected for an invitation to try out for State All-Stars? 

  • All managers from each division, the commissioner of the respective division, and a 5-man Board-appointed All-Star Committee shall meet in the weeks prior to the State tournaments and shall proceed as follows:  
    • All division managers nominate potential tournament team players. Each manager shall nominate however many players from his/her team that he/she thinks is worthy of being a “potential” tournament team player.  
    • The nominee list shall be posted by name, age, and primary position and sent to the commissioner who then forwards the list to the Board All-Star Committee.
    • Consensus shall be reached that nominated players are indeed worthy of being nominated. Any objections shall be discussed in an open forum from all managers and a group decision shall be made.  
    • If the group cannot decide, the commissioner and Board All-Star Committee shall make the decision.  
  • Note 1: At this point in time, the League does not decide if these players actually make the tournament team. This process is only used to “identify” those players worthy of consideration for an All-Star tryout invitation.
  • Note 2: There are no nominations for baseball players 13 & Older;  ALL  are invited to attend All Star tryouts.   

Can a player tryout for an older age team? 

  • If there is enough talent for two separate age group teams, then the selection committee shall determine if any player(s) in the younger age group is/are talented enough to move up to the next age bracket. It is possible a younger player may be asked to tryout for the older bracketed team. Care shall be given to make sure the talent level of the younger player exceeds the talent level of the older player who may be bumped from the tournament team.  

When and where are player tryouts for State All-Stars? 

  • The player tryouts for Cal Ripken Baseball (12 and under) are scheduled for mid-to-late May. Player tryouts for 13 and over players will be held in late May/early June. Please check the Master schedule on the CCYL website for specific dates, locations, and times for the player’s division.  

How many State All-Star teams are formed? 

  • The number of State All-Star teams varies from year to year depending on how many kids are in each age group. Generally there's one team per age division, however if there's enough talent/interest/support then sometimes there are two teams per age group.  

How are managers and coaches selected for State All-Star Teams? 

  • Selecting the Tournament Team Manager: The goal is to select the best possible manager for the team who will be an ambassador for CCYL. All division managers/coaches shall be given due consideration. Factors for consideration shall include previous experience as a tournament team manager or coach, successful league track record, knowledge of baseball/softball rules, positive attitude, proper on-field demeanor, his/her ability to relate well to kids in teaching the game, and getting the most out of the players.  
  • Two assistant coaches will be selected. The idea is to put together the best representative team possible, including the team’s management. All division managers and assistant coaches shall be considered for these positions; however, the selected manager will also have input on whom he/she would like to assist, pending Board approval. In addition to the same qualities needed for the manager, the assistant coaches must work well with the manager, each other, and with the players. Their coaching skills shall be complimentary to that of the selected manager.  

What should a player expect at tryouts? 

  • A nominee list will be prepared by the League’s Player Agent and provided to the manager, assistant coaches, commissioner, and Board rep in alphabetical order and in conjunction with each player’s age. The selected manager, assistant coaches, commissioner, and a representative from the Board All-Star Committee shall conduct a two-day evaluation of the nominated tournament team players. All nominees and nominees’ parents are required to read and sign the “CCYL Tournament All-Star’s Contract” prior to arrival for tryouts. 
  • The tryout will occur over the course of two days and consist of two evaluation practices. Sites and times are to be determined for these practice evaluation periods. The evaluation practices will consist of hitting, fielding ground balls, fielding pop-ups, throwing, running, pitching, catching, overall baseball mechanics, on-field demeanor, situational awareness, knowledge of the game, and attitude.
  • Note: Players will be selected largely based on their regular season performance.  The two-day evaluation is mostly an additional tool to evaluate the players side-by-side, to determine player interest in playing all stars, and to secure all star contracts signed by the players and parents.  

What is required from players selected to the final roster? 

  • All players that are selected must be available for a majority of the practices leading up to the tournament and be available to play during the tournament dates. Each player will be required to provide a copy of his or her birth certificate, Consent for Treatment form, and CCYL Tournament All-Start Contract. Each player will be required to pay for his or her tournament uniform (approximately $75). In the past, baseball uniforms consisted of a jersey with the child’s name on the back, uniform pants with belt, hat, and socks. Softball uniforms consisted of jersey, shorts, hat, and socks. The players keep the uniform. CCYL will pay all tournament entry fees.  

Who selects the final All-Star Team roster? 

  • At the end of the two-day evaluation period of players, the manager, both assistant coaches, commissioner, and Board All-Star Committee representative will convene and make final determinations as to who shall represent CCYL in tournament play. Each person evaluating practices is to bring a clipboard and writing utensils to assess the top performing kids deserving tournament team status. A grading system shall not be used. The only requirement is for the selection staff to circle the kids’ names on their respective sheet that performed the best with the aforementioned characteristics in mind. If the group can’t decide on borderline players, the commissioner and Board All-Star Committee rep will have final say.  Selection shall take into account the qualities of the player, as well as his/her commitment to the team, including any extended absences known about in advance. The goal is to field the best team in the tournament possible while maintaining league values. The number of players making the tournament team is potentially different for each division, but is usually 12 players. It is to the discretion of CCYL as to the number of players chosen for each age bracket. Players with schedule conflicts that, in the determination of the manager and selection committee, will affect the team’s ability to succeed may not be selected to the tournament team. It is imperative each child make as many practices as possible to benefit the child’s and team’s success
  • Note: Since the goal is to field the best  TEAM , it is not necessarily all the most talented players who make the team, especially when determining role players who will likely becoming off the bench.  Often players are selected who fill a particular role needed late in games, e.g. a speedster for base-running, a good hitter for pinch hitting, or a utility fielder for a defensive substitution. 

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