Board of Directors


President Eric Vrem
Vice President of Baseball Tom Fawcett
Vice President of Softball Jon Legge
Vice President of Travel/Select Tom Yanick
Secretary Ashleigh Schofield
Treasurer Estela Immler
Player Agent Bobby Gheen
Sponsorship Coordinator Andrew Schofield
Equipment Coordinator VACANT  
Uniform Coordinator Donald Carswell
Umpire-in-Chief VACANT  
Concessions Director VACANT  
At-Large Softball Commissioner Jason Immler
At-Large Baseball Commissioner Joe Tilley
At-Large Baseball Commissioner VACANT  
At-Large Baseball Commissioner VACANT  
Bambino Buddy Ball Commisisoner Buffy Lyton

Board Position Descriptions:


  1. Preside over Board meetings, conduct the affairs of the League, and execute the policies established by the Board.
  2. Present a financial and operational report of the condition of the League at the end of the fiscal year to Babe Ruth Headquarters, Inc.
  3. Communicate to the Board such matters as deemed appropriate, and make suggestions that promote the welfare of the League.
  4. Be responsible for the conduct of the League in strict conformity to the policies, principles, rules and regulations of Babe Ruth League, Inc. as agreed to under the conditions of the charter issued to the League by that organization. Designate in writing other Board members, if necessary, to have power to make and execute in the name of the League such contracts and leases they receive which had prior approval of the Board.
  5. Investigate complaints, irregularities, and conditions detrimental to the League and report thereon to the Board as circumstances warrant.
  6. With the assistance of the Board, examine the applications and support proof of age documents of every player candidate and certify to residence and age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tryouts and selection.
  7. Represent the League at meetings and on administrative transactions with Babe Ruth League, Inc., merchants, and other organizations.
  8. Appoint committees, Board members and/or Regular members to serve as needed with the approval of the Board.
  9. Be responsible for attending Charles County Public Facilities meetings for field use and submitting the proper documents to the County for obtaining field use permits.
  10. Allocate fields and field permits from Public Facilities to the appropriate Vice Presidents.

Vice President of Softball:

  1. Perform the above said duties of the President when the President is unable to attend meetings and/or functions, or is physically unable to perform required duties.
  2. Obtain proper accident and liability insurance coverage for the protection of league players and volunteers.
  3. Process accident claims within the League in a timely manner, maintain records of injuries and incidents, and file necessary claims with the insurance companies.
  4. Address member complaints and concerns with softball operations.
  5. Understand and know the games of T-Ball and softball.
  6. Have a solid background in the rules and regulations as set forth in league being played in.
  7. Be the administrative director of softball.
  8. Ensure commissioners direct tryouts and evaluations of players.
  9. Ensure commissioners screen candidates for position of Manager or Assistant Coach and submit names to the President for Board approval.
  10. Aid the Player Agent in overseeing the Draft.
  11. Distribute permits to commissioners and oversee all field allocation.
  12. Coordinate inter-league schedules with other youth organizations.
  13. Approve season and post-season game schedules.
  14. Be a sounding board for softball commissioner, managers, and coaches in resolving League issues which arise during the season.
  15. Assist the equipment manager in the control and allocation of League assets, such as pitching machines, bats, balls, catcher’s equipment and uniforms
  16. Initiate, supervisor, and coordinate safety programs and coaches training programs for softball operations within the League


  1. Perform such duties specifically set forth herein and any other duties customarily incident to the Office of the Treasurer that may be assigned by the President and/or Board.
  2. Receive all monies and deposit them in a checking and/or savings account approved by the Board.
  3. Keep records for the receipt and disbursements of all monies of the League, including concessions and fund-raisers (if applicable).
  4. Approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks in agreement with policies established by the President and/or Board.
  5. Prepare an annual budget with a committee (sponsorship and equipment coordinators), under the direction of the President, for submission to the Board at the first regular meeting after the beginning of the new fiscal year.
  6. Prepare and present formal financial statements at all regular Board meetings.
  7. Work with board approved CPA to ensure that all returns are prepared and submitted on time.
  8. Recover bad debts in the form of returned checks. Resubmit checks to the bank for reprocessing. Call or write to applicable parties responsible for the bad checks. Present the Board with a list of uncollected bad debts as part of the monthly financial report.

Player Agent:

  1. Record all player transactions and maintain accurate and up-to-date records thereafter.
  2. Receive and review applications for player candidates and supervise the distribution of players among teams.
  3. Supervise the annual league registration and evaluations of players.
  4. Lead and direct the player draft if trustee is unable to participate.
  5. Preside at player election meetings, supervise, and coordinate the transfer of players, keep up-to-date records of team rosters and check player eligibility.
  6. Ensure Babe Ruth League, Inc., rules for determining players and make-up of teams are followed.
  7. Manage any trustees under the Player Agent.

Umpire in Chief:

  1. Supervise the training of all staff umpires
  2. Schedule umpires for all league games.
  3. Reschedule umpires if games are rained out or canceled.
  4. Visit home game sites to observe the game for rules violations or misinterpretation of rules.
  5. Conduct clinics on rules and field positions, including making sure umpires know proper protest procedures.
  6. Recruit new umpires.
  7. Publish umpire policy guidance to umpires to include pay rates, proper dress and proper conduct for umpires.

Equipment Manager:

  1. Procure and distribute equipment, etc.
  2. Be responsible for keeping a complete inventory and custody record of all League equipment.
  3. Supervise adequate storage of all equipment between playing seasons.
  4. Keep the equipment storage facilities in a neat, clean order.
  5. Solicit bids for replacement and/or additional equipment if directed by the Board.
  6. Submit anticipated cost of equipment expenditures to the Board for review and approval.

Uniform Coordinator:

  1. Procure and distribute uniforms, etc.
  2. Solicit bids for replacement and/or additional uniforms if directed by the Board.
  3. Submit anticipated cost of uniform expenditures to the Board for review and approval.

Sponsorship Director:

  1. Solicit local companies and organizations who wish to be affiliated with the League.
  2. Provide companies and organizations with registration material and/or other pertinent information describing sponsorship levels.
  3. Work with the Player Agent and Equipment Manager to associate the company or organization’s gift toward a specific player’s team.
  4. Prepare “Thank You” letters to those who provided a sponsorship.
  5. Maintain the sponsorship board at the central CCYL playing facility. This includes getting company/organization placards made and performing yearly maintenance of the board itself i.e. painting, materials replacement, etc.
  6. Spearhead the development of gift material i.e., plaques, trophies, medallions, pictures, etc. with organizations partaking in this venture.
  7. Deliver said gifts to those who participated in the League.

At Large Commissioners: Commissioners are used in T-Ball and all age-related Divisions for boys and girls up through age 19. The bullets below apply to each Commissioner’s respective Division when applicable.

The Commissioners shall:

  1. Understand and know the games of T-Ball, baseball, and/or softball.
  2. Have a solid background in the rules and regulations as set forth in the Babe Ruth League Rulebook.
  3. Be the administrative director.
  4. Direct tryouts and evaluations of players.
  5. Screen candidates for position of Manager or Assistant Coach and submit names to the President for Board approval.
  6. Aid the Player Agent in overseeing the Draft.
  7. Distribute permits and field allocations to Managers.
  8. Make season and post-season game schedules.
  9. Be a sounding board for managers and coaches in resolving League issues which arise during the season.
  10. Assist the equipment manager in the control and allocation of League assets, such as pitching machines, bats, balls, catcher’s equipment and uniforms.Direct field preparation and maintenance at fields not covered by PublicFacilities.
  11. Randomly monitor games and practice sessions to ensure safe field playing conditions.

Board Members are expected to attend all league events.

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